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MUFE Artist Color Shadow (more swatches)

make up for ever (mufe) artist color shadows (I648, I662, D652, M847, D826, S606, M647, I702, M738, M631, M608, ME828, ME224, ME930, ME654, M603, ME644, I834, ME612, M705)
Make Up For Ever (MUFE) artist color shadows
I recently did a swatch post for two new colors I had recently purchased from MUFE's line of single eyeshadows.  Doing that post reminded me that I've had pictures of the other shades I've owned from the brand.  So I thought I'd finally edit and put together a swatch post for them.  I wish that each Sephora carried the entire line of shades because I found it very hard to find swatches of this new formula online.   I guess it is possible that some of the bigger locations have the full range.  Hopefully, this post will help anyone that's been curious about these shades.

make up for ever (mufe) artist color eyeshadows swatches on dark skin (ME224, M647, D652, M847, ME930, D826, S606, ME828)

As a fan of a drier, harder pressed eyeshadow, these are some of my favorites.  They build and blend easily and the shimmers work well with brushes and fingers.  There is one exception for me, S606, is hard to work with and I was not a fan of that formula.  I don't think the quality of that shade is anywhere close to the others.

make up for ever (mufe) artist color eyeshadows swatches on dark skin (I648, I662, I702, M631, M730, M608)

One downside of these shadows for me is my preference for a circular pan.  I do think the palettes that they sell to hold them look nice and are good quality.  A downside of the formula being harder pressed means that when it comes to the shimmer shades you may find it necessary to dig slightly into the pan to get pigment on your brush.  I don't have a problem with fallout, I'm just careful not to overload my brush.  I find that some eyeshadows just have to be used this way and it doesn't cause an issue for me.

make up for ever (mufe) artist color eyeshadows swatches on dark skin (M705, ME612, I834, ME644, M603, ME654)

If you are not familiar with MUFE artist color eye shadows, they are sold individually in a plastic case that is intended to be temporary.  MUFE is a makeup artist brand, so the intention is that you build the palette you need for the jobs you work.  The brand does obviously cater to the general public as well, but they stick to their artistry roots.  So you will have to purchase a sturdier case for these items unless you already have space in a zpalette or similar magnetic palette.

$17.00 per shade (compact to hold the pan is not included)

Extra small compact for storing a single color, $2.00

Bundle deals:
Buy 2 shades + a small compact, $29.00
Buy 3 shades + a medium compact, $39.00
Buy 4 shades + a large compact, $49.00
Buy 6 shades + an extra large compact, $59.00

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