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Estee Lauder Ultimate Mineral-Infused Matte Bronzer Swatches

Estee Lauder Ultimate Mineral-Infused Matte Bronzers were the limited edition release for Summer 2019's Bronze Goddess Collection, but you can still find some inventory hanging around.  Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts.

Estee Lauder Ultimate Mineral-Infused Matte Bronzers shades 03 Brazen (medium deep) and 04 Hot Spell (deep)

I used to have both the shades 03 Brazen (medium deep) and 04 Hot Spell (deep).  I will insert a picture of the two shades swatched next to each other, but I will warn you that it is blurry.  I still own 04 Hot Spell and was able to take a new picture of that swatch, which is also below.  Two lighter colors were also released as part of the collection, 01 Halo and 02 Suggestive.  They retail for $40.00 and last I checked all 4 shades are still in stock at Macy's.

Estee Lauder Ultimate Mineral-Infused Matte Bronzers shades 03 Brazen (medium deep) and 04 Hot Spell (deep) swatches on dark skin

Estee Lauder Ultimate Mineral-Infused Matte Bronzers shade 04 Hot Spell (deep) swatch on dark skin

If like me, you have dry skin and sometimes skip setting powder you may have some trouble with this product.  When my face is not set well, this bronzer sticks right where I first place my brush and is difficult to blend out from there.  It does blend out eventually and it looks great, but I have other bronzers that are less high maintenance.  It does have a creamy texture as the brand claims, but I don't feel that it helps the product move across the skin any easier.  I have also tried this formula over a powder foundation and it was still difficult to blend.  I suspect my dry skin may be at fault because no other reviews I've found mention having an issue with blending.

UPDATE April 16, 2020:  I've discovered that this bronzer blends out beautifully and easily with the Smashbox buildable Cheek brush.  I'm not suggesting it is necessary to buy a special brush to make a product work, but I just want to let you know because sometimes tools matter.  I suspect the difference is that the brush is fluffy and somewhat sparse.  So if you are experiencing a similar blending issue with it, I'd try it with the fluffiest, least dense brush you own and see if that helps.

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