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MAC Love Me Lipstick - Bated Breath

If you are interested in this line, I highly recommend going to your local MAC counter if possible. I was having trouble deciding what I wanted based on videoes and the MAC website so I decided to go ahead and check them out in-store. I was interested in Maison Rouge, DGAF, Coffee and Cigs, and Bated Breath. I was glad I went to the store because I felt like the colors I wanted weren't what I was expecting. Maison Rouge was a little brighter on me and I was hoping for a deeper red. DGAF was darker than I was thinking it'd be (sometimes dark lipsticks appear darker on me than they appear on other people). I did think that Coffee and Cigs looked like a greyish brown as the brand described. I was hoping Coffee and Cigs would be warmer on me, but I could see the grey undertone one me. Bated breath wasn't as cool-toned as I thought it'd be considering it's categorized with the purples. I ended up buying bated breath and I really thought that was the one on my wishlist that wasn't going to work for me. Typically purple tones look really bad and they turn grey on me.

MAC Love Me Lipstick - Bated Breath compared to creme in your coffee, touch, and capricious with swatches on dark skin.
MAC Love Me Lipstick - Bated Breath (with comparisons)

I could not get a picture of the shade by itself to appear close to what I see with the naked eye, so I swatched this shade with some other tones from MAC I already own. I'm hoping that it helps put the color into perspective better for you. But again, I'd go to the counter and see these for yourself to save you from headaches.

The formula feels comfortable and wears extremely well for the amount of shine. The brand claims a satin finish but since MAC has another satin finish in their lineup, I think that may confuse veterans of MAC makeup. It is kind of in the middle of a MAC lustre and a cremesheen finish.  If you are familiar with MAC lipsticks, they tend to be a thicker formula.  However, this one has a thinner consistency that feels very light.  This texture does not accentuate my lip lines and it wears away slowly and evenly. I was surprised there wasn't much transfer to my glass even though I constantly drink water throughout the day.  MAC also claims that this lipstick is nourishing and conditioning and I do agree with that. My lips feel better after using this lipstick. The only other lipstick I feel that way about is the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy formula.

I really enjoy this formula and I'm glad I was able to find a color I like. I did find it interesting that for me, despite the seemingly wide range of colors (24 shades), I could only find one that I felt suited me.

The Love Me Lipsticks retail for $19.00 @ maccosmetics.com.

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 **Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money. For the full disclosure policy click here. 


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