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Make Up For Ever Let's Gold Palette Review

This palette has been getting very mixed reviews and I can see why.  It does deserve a place reserved on someone's vanity, but for some, it will not live up to their expectations.  Hopefully, I can explain this palette well enough for you to figure out whether you should consider it for yourself or not.

Make Up For Ever Let's Gold Palette review and swatches on dark skin
MUFE Let's Gold Palette Swatches

The Let's Gold Palette retails for $45.00 and is a limited edition release for Make Up For Ever (MUFE), but it is still available directly from the brand and at Sephora.com.

This is an interesting palette to review because while it is a good value for money, I still wouldn't recommend it for everyone.  MUFE is a professional makeup brand and as such their products are heavily purchased by makeup artists.  So if the brand is trying to expand beyond that customer base and reach the everyday consumer, then I think this release makes sense.

I also think that this release is good for the average consumer browsing through the MUFE section at Sephora.  This is the type of person that wants value, doesn't feel 100% confident picking out coordinating colors, only uses 1 -3 shades at a time, and refers to having a makeup bag/drawer rather than a makeup stash/collection.

No shade in this palette is so unique that you can't find it somewhere else on the market.  What makes this palette unique to me is that some of the shades are not often included in palettes.  And beyond that, some of those shades are rarely in a palette together that remains feeling cohesive.  For instance, khaki and olive greens in the same palette as warm browns, pinks, and oranges.

I purchased this during a sale on the MUFE website at the end of March.  I've tried using this palette with several primers including Too Faced Shadow Insurance (my normal primer), Too Faced Glitter Glue and NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.  I'd say the palette works best with the NARS primer, but not enough of a difference to think a special primer is needed.

The middle row (described as metallics) is smoother in finish and doesn't accentuate texture as much as the bottom row.  The bottom row (described as chromes) all have an orangey-gold micro shimmer running through them.  The shimmer shades are pigmented, but if you don't dig your brush into them slightly it will need building.  Building color intensity is not a bad thing in my opinion, but some people prefer intense pigment right away, so it is important to mention.  I also have to use the MUFE permanent shadows in the same way, but the color payoff is better using less product and the textures are smoother.

The MUFE artist demos on their Youtube channel, use both pressing and sweeping motions to pick up the shadows, and you can tell they really load up the brush before applying.  If you need to see this demonstrated here are some tutorials they have posted:

It might've helped if the marketing for this product didn't call the middle row metallics and the bottom row chromes.  I think that using those particular terms sets an expectation that the shades will be intense.  I think that these are just basic shimmer shades, I wouldn't call them so subtle that they are satin, but they don't strike me as metallic or chrome.

The top row of mattes are very nice quality but the MUFE permanent shades are better.  The quality difference between the two is less noticeable and it took using the palette longer to notice than with the shimmer shades.  Despite the slight difference, these are some of the best mattes I've used.

If you are someone who likes to do bold looks and buildable formulas annoy you, but you want to try MUFE, I would look into the build your own palette option.  I know how appealing it is to get more product and variety for the money spent, but MUFE does offer a build your own quad for $49 (keeping you in the same price range).  Yes, it is more expensive for less, but the quality of the product is superior and you'll have the exact four shades that you'll love and use over and over again. Most people are not going to love every single shade out of an 18-pan palette.

However, if you are someone who likes an everyday wearable look and want the variety of everything in one place, I think this is a good value for money.  If you are a beginner, the palette also comes with 3 tutorial cards to help you get started.  And for a more random upside, it is very durable.  I don't know if I'm just getting clumsier or if the packaging is slippery, but I seem to drop this palette a lot and not a single shade is damaged and the mirror is still intact.

I really hope this review was helpful, and I was able to explain things clearly.  If not, please ask any questions you have.  If you have this palette, leave your experience in the comments to help others out.

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