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NARSissist Wanted II Cheek Palette (swatches)

This is a limited edition palette, but I have enjoyed it so far so I wanted to share some swatches and quick thoughts in case anyone may be unsure about it.   I've only used every shade once so this is very much not a review, but more of first impressions.  But since I have used them all on the face, I thought there was some value in sharing my thoughts on this limited edition item.  For reference, my closest foundation shade matches are Estee Lauder Double Wear in 5W1 and 5W2 depending on the time of year.  If you are more familiar with MAC shades, I wear shade C6 and C7 in the studio fix powder plus foundation, again depending on the time of year.

NARSissist Wanted II (2) Cheek Palette (swatches on dark skin)

I was surprised to find out I can get away with all the shades in the palette, which I did not expect.  I thought the last two shades would be too dark for me, but four NARS cheek products for $59 was still a great value to me. 

PYT (top left, metallic rose) is a highlighter on me and I find it to be smooth, easy to blend, and it doesn't seem to accentuate any texture issues.  

Ambition (top middle, satin tangerine) does actually show up as a blush on me, which shocked me.  I had planned on using this shade as a highlighter.

Taos (top right, soft red with golden sheen) is the only permanent shade in this palette.  Easy to blend and very flattering.  I will be using this shade the most often.  

Exposed (bottom left, matte dusty rose) actually deepens a little when applied to the face.  I don't mind that at all, I think if it didn't it probably wouldn't look great on me.  

Penthouse (bottom middle, matte raspberry) is very pigmented but is manageable with a light hand on my skin tone.  This is the one dud shade in the palette for me personally.  The tone and depth of this color just make me look slightly bruised.  Not a good look.  I'm sure some even deeper skin tones than mine will not have this issue.

Queen (bottom right, matte ruby) is very pigmented like penthouse but manageable with a light hand on my skin tone.  I was surprised I could use this one at all.  It brightened my face very nicely and I was able to blend it out without any issues.  I was very careful with it, but I don't feel like I had trouble.

This palette retails for $59.00 and when I checked last night it was still in stock at most retailers.  Here are a few links for convenience:


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 **Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money.  For the full disclosure policy click here. 


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