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Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powders

Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powders, 02 dayglow 03 sunglow swatches on dark skin

Although in the pan these two highlighters look nearly identical, sunglow is more yellow in tone and slightly deeper.  Dayglow is more champagne than sunglow and every so slightly lighter.  You can barely tell this difference when you look at them in the pan, even in person.  You really have to apply them to the skin to see the difference.  For my preference and what I like on my skin, sunglow is too yellow once applied to the face.

Sunglow also really accentuated some texture/bumps that I didn't know I had on my right cheek until I began testing these out.  Dayglow did accentuate some of that same texture, but it was not as bad and I preferred the color.  That makes me wonder if the color of highlighters can have as much of an effect on how much they accentuate texture as the formula.  I don't yet have an answer to that, but if someone knows or has had a similar experience, let me know.

Overall, these highlighters are incredibly smooth, easy to blend, and buildable if you like a stronger highlight.  For me personally, I will only use dayglow in the future because the more champagne tone it has looks nicer on me.  And again, I find that dayglow doesn't accentuate my texture as badly as sunglow does.  I really do think that is probably a color issue and not a formula issue though as I can't detect any formula difference between the two.

Can be found on Milani's website for $10.00 each.

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 **Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money.  For the full disclosure policy click here. 


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