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Travel Makeup Bag

Long time, no talk.  So what has been going on?  Well first I took a break, then I went on vacation.  Then I meant to get back to work but I just couldn't get back into it for some reason.  So here I am, back at it with a look at what makeup I took on a recent trip.

I don't typically travel with any makeup.  I usually take a gloss or a colored lip balm (most of the time both) and call it a day.  This time, however, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to pick just my go-to products and see how I got along without all the extras that one tends to accumulate as a blogger.

Travel Makeup Makeup Basket shop my stash

Out of the 20 items I packed (I'm counting the eyeshadow quad as one item), I only used 10 products, 3 of which were tools.  For the items that I have posted about previously, I will link to those posts for you.  If you have questions about any of the products featured, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

First, let's talk about what I actually used:


Estee Lauder Double Wear, 5W2 Rich Caramel (reviewed here and a more recent swatch can be found in my 2016 beauty favorites):  I ended up using this because it is my tried and true, no surprises.  Shade 5W2 is workable for me all year without mixing or using any bronzer.  The formula lasts all day and doesn't transfer.  I wear shade 5W1 for most of the year, but since my forehead is naturally darker than the rest of my face, using 5W2 all over makes things more simple if I'm short on time.  When I have the time, I prefer to use 5W1 and bronze my forehead unless I'm using another foundation all together.

Beauty Blender (reviewed here): Used this to apply double wear foundation.

Mac Powder Blush - Raizin (swatched in my November 2016 makeup basket): The ultimate go-to blush for me.  I find that I can sheer this out beautifully when my skin tone is lighter and when I'm darker in the summer no adjustment is needed.  I packed this one because it goes with every eyeshadow and lip color combo.  The perfect neutral for me.

Ecotools tapered blush brush (discontinued) - No matter how many new blush brushes I try, this one is still my favorite.  I purchased two more when I found out they were being phased out.  Although it is a different shape, I also enjoy their precision blush brush that seems to have replaced this one.

Estee Lauder limited edition highlighter (swatched in my August 2016 makeup basket): I packed this highlighter because it was the first favorite I found for myself that didn't accentuate texture. Because of the way my glasses sit on my face and cover the results, highlighter is really only something I sparingly take the time to do.  So could someone tell me why I own so many of them?  Well regardless, I still love this one and I did use it on my trip.

e.l.f. blush brush - When I use highlighter, I use this brush.

Mac Waterproof brow Set, bold brunette: I can full out scratch my eyebrows while wearing this and it doesn't move.  Will use, pack, and repurchase for as long as they make it.

Mac Brow Sculpt, spiked: I like this because I don't like strong brows and it takes effort for this to transfer to the skin.  I had a gap in one of my brows on this trip so I used it to fill that gap.  On a typical day, I only use the Mac brow set.

Mac Huggable lipstick, rich marron: My first time trying the huggable line.  It was ok, nice and easy to wear like a tinted lip balm.  Not a standout but no complaints either.

Marc Jacobs new nudes, hey stranger (reviewed here): I really enjoy this formula and color but for some reason, I don't wear it often.  Decided it was a great time to get more use out of it.

Travel Makeup Makeup Basket shop my stash


The items I didn't use:

Lancome Teint Idole Foundation Stick, 450 Suede (review to come, swatched in my 2016 beauty favorites): This has become my runner-up foundation.  I packed it because I was thinking about how quickly it applies.  In the end, transfer proof won out over the quick application.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish limited edition - Naturally Enhanced (swatched here): I skipped using this basically just to save time.  Also, since 5W2 in Estee Lauder double wear works on my forehead, I didn't really need to add bronzer to look nice.  I use the top 2 shades when I do use it and I like that the color can be customized throughout the year depending on where I focus my brush.

e.l.f. Flawless face brush:  Packed this for the bronzer I didn't use 😊

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (reviewed here):  I didn't even think about eyeshadow on my trip.  So this eye primer and all the eyeshadows and one eyeshadow brush listed below got no love while I was gone.

Estee Lauder Brash Bronze - This has been discontinued, I assume because the word never got out that it is a great product.  On the upside, they do still make this formula, just not this color. (reviewed here.)

Mac Shadows in Sable, Soft Brown, Bronze, and Saddle (swatched as part of my 2016 beauty favorites and links to my Mac shadow review can be found in that post)

Mac 217 brush - This is the discontinued goat hair version of this brush.  I haven't heard good things about its new synthetic replacement.  If you have tried the new one, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Estee Lauder lipstick, Irresistible (lip swatch here): Love the formula and packed it because it is such a staple for me.  I didn't end up using it because I wanted to give some newer purchased formulas a try.

Mac Liptensity lipstick, brick dust (I don't have a swatch for this particular shade but I previously did lip swatches of smoked almond and toast and butter from the liptensity range and you can find those here): Packed it because the shade brick dust was a new purchase but it ended up feeling like too much for the scaled-back look I was wearing.

Mac Lustre lipstick, Touch (lip swatch here):  Love this color and recently purchased a new tube, but rich marron won out for what Mac lipstick to wear.

Overall, I feel like I learned that I absolutely know my favorites and they still are top shelf, despite continually trying new products. I guess some items just can't be dethroned.  Let me know if you are interested in a post talking about those products.  I also learned that I'm glad that I'm a beauty blogger.  Having favorites and having strong preferences doesn't mean I can't still have fun trying new things.

Do you take makeup on trips?  Do you overpack?  Let us know in the comments section below.

**Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money.  For the full disclosure policy click here.


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