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Milani Bold Obsessions Palette (and some dupes)

Milani Bold Obsessions palette review and swatches on dark skin
Everyone was raving about this palette and it was hard to resist, but for a while I did.  I kept telling myself I already have these shades and the Milani formula, while nice, isn't even my favorite.  But as you can see, I caved.  This palette (and the most loved mattes) finally showed up in my Walmart back at the end of March and I had to check it out and see what everyone was talking about.

The formula for the bold obsessions palette is very similar to the everyday eyes palette in earthy elements (previously reviewed here).   The biggest difference between the two (formula-wise) is that there are the two foiled/metallic shades called Gold Getter and blazing hot.  The shimmer shades in the earthy elements palette are closer in finish to sands of time and suede side to side.

Milani Bold Obsessions palette review and swatches on dark skin
  1. can't pink straight - Appears ashy on me, so I don't use this one.
  2. sweet as honey - Beautiful color, easy to blend.  This is the first of the colors in this palette that was keeping me from making the purchase because I knew I had close enough dupes.
  3. bare in mind - this shades really blends into my skin tone so it isn't much use for me personally.  I do not set my eye primer, but that is the only real use I could see getting out of this one.
  4. sands of time - Easy to apply with a brush or my fingers, but it is too icy for my personal preferences.
  5. gold getter - This is VERY flaky.  I smoothed it out in the big group picture, but I included a picture of how flaky it can get as well.  Even when applied to the eyes there is fallout and it continues to flake off as I wore it.
  6. slate all day - I am not super into cool tones, so I haven't given this much testing. 
  7. suede side to side - Another beautiful color that is easy to use with a brush or my fingers.  Reminds me of the shimmers that are in the earthy elements palette.
  8. blazing hot -  Love this shade and it performed well. This is the second shade I knew I already had in my collection.
  9. smoke signals - Like slate all day, I haven't tested this fully as it isn't a color I reach for much.
  10. brunettes have fun - Had no issues with this one, although it doesn't get much use from me as I rarely use a third color for my eyeshadow looks.  This is also the third color I knew I would have duplicates of.
  11. red between the lines - This shade is more unique than I expected and I think it is because it is more of a satin finish.  I like it a lot and I feel like it is unique to my collection.
  12. little black dress - I don't use black eyeshadow, so can't really help you with any thoughts on this one.
Milani Bold Obsessions palette swatches on dark skin
Showing the flakiness of gold getter

I think that this palette is very well curated for those that want a nice balance of neutral, warm, and cool tones in one palette.  I think that overall the formula is nice if you appreciate a softer eyeshadow and want variety in your finishes.  If you've read my reviews in the past, then you probably remember that I prefer drier, harder pressed in the pan eyeshadow formulas.  So for me personally,  I am only happy with 5 of the 12 eyeshadows in this palette (2 sweet as honey, 7 suede side to side, 8 blazing hot, 10 brunettes have fun, & 11 red between the lines).  3 of those 5, I already own several times over (2 sweet as honey, 8 blazing hot, & 10 brunettes have fu).  So basically I should have trusted myself and passed on this.  But sometimes we just have to see things for ourselves.

Milani Bold Obsessions palette review and swatches on dark skin

In case you are curious, here are the shades I own that are similar to 2 sweet as honey, 8 blazing hot, and 10 brunettes have fun.

Mac saddle mac coppering mac embark swatches dark skin

Makeup Geek tan lines roulette americano swatches dark skin

Urban decay Naked Heat swatches dark skin
Marc Jacobs Scandalust swatches dark skin

I am not trying to say that I will never buy similar colors again, I definitely will.  But since I know my preferences for formula and color,  I'm going to try and stop thinking those preferences will magically change because something is shiny and new.

If you can find it at Walmart this palette is around $15.00 and it is $20.00 if purchased directly from the Milani website.

Did you purchase this palette?  Share your experience in the comments section below.

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 **Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money.  For the full disclosure policy click here. 


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