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The Standout: Becca Luminous Blush

The Standout is a new series I decided to start where I will narrow in on the standout shade in a palette and give an alternative to get the same feeling.  Of course, this will be based on my personal opinion and taste, so you may not always agree with what I consider to be the standout shade.  The alternatives I suggest will not always be exact dupes, but reminiscent of the shade.  I've learned over the years that some shades give you a similar feeling or look once they are applied on your face.

This time the standout is a product rather than a shade.  Becca released a four-pan palette in collaboration with Chrissy Teigen back in May 2017.  The palette had two highlighters, a bronzer, and a blush.  Unfortunately, I didn't like the way the highlighters sat on my skin and the bronzer didn't show up on me at all.  Even if I liked how the highlighters looked, they appeared near identical to each other on my skin.  The luminous blush that was included however was amazing.  Although I did like the color of the blush I didn't think it was worth keeping the whole palette for one of four products.  So I decided to return the palette and buy one of Becca's single luminous blushes in the shade Dahlia.

Becca Luminous Blush in Dahlia swatched on dark skin

I typically stick to matte blushes because I often get breakouts on my cheeks, but I was pleasantly surprised that this satin blush does not accentuate any texture that I have.  The luminous blush line has a total of 6 colors including Dahlia and they retail for $34.00.

I no longer have the palette to show you, but it is still available for purchase for $46 on Becca's website if you are curious to learn more about it.

**Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money. This blog does participate in Google Adsense.  For the full disclosure policy click here. 


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