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Pixi Itseyetime Palette Swatches and Review

Pixi and Itsjudytime itseyetime palette swatches on dark skin

I really like this palette, I find it easy to use and all of the colors worked well for my skintone.  I think it is a great offering if you have been interested in a larger palette but not interested in jumping into the $40 and up price range. 

The packaging is solid, although I think the stick on mirror included should have been left out.  The options for placement will either ruin the look of the see through lid or make using it inconvenient in my opinion.  In my experience the pigmentation is excellent even when using a brush.  I have had no issues with the color showing up on my skin or blendability.  I do use Too Faced Shadow Insurance every time I do my eyeshadow.  There was minimal fallout, but I do not get very elaborate with my eyeshadow so that may have made a difference.   For my skintone, snowflake and bubbly are good for layering over darker shades to spolight the center of the eye.  Bubbly was a little disappointing for me; I felt like it showed up as a light champagne on my eyes rather than a gold and it seemed to crease slightly.

I have seen complaints about the price of the palette ($24), however it is priced in line with the rest of the Pixi brand.  The palette, like most Pixi products, also comes in a box that is sealed.  This extra packaging does add to the price but also helps ensure you get an untouched product.  I personally enjoy Pixi products.  I think their eyeshadows in particular are easy to use, buildable, and I appreciate the step up in packaging quality.

Overall, I do think this is a good palette that I'd recommend.  I think it will work for every skin tone which is rare to find anywhere, let alone in the drugstore.  I've heard some lighter skin tones wishing the palette had a lighter matte shade, but I think that by leaving that type of shade out, it made the palette more versatile across all skintones.

Feel free to leave any questions about this palette in the comments below.  If you have this palette, let us know what you thought of it in the comments as well.

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**Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money.  For the full disclosure policy click here. 


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