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L'oreal Boudoir Charme Swatched

L'oreal Colour RIche Pocket Pallete Boudoir Charme
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The L'oreal Colour Riche Pocket Palettes come in a total of 8 different shades and retail for $8.97 on Walmart.com.

These eyeshadows are nice, but to me they were not as saturated in color as I expected.  I found the best application happened with my fingers.  As for brushes, with a MAC 239 brush I got barely there color payoff, but a Sonia Kashuk 106 brush gave me decent pigment.  If you are not searching for fallout, you will likely not notice it, but shade 3 (gold) had some when applied with a brush and on my face during wear.  I also noticed after removing my makeup that some of the glitter from that shade was left behind.  The other shades have smoother formulas and I didn't notice any issues with them.  I only used shade 1 sparingly in the inner tear duct area or as a center of the lid spotlight over over shade 2 because otherwise it looked too ashy.

Overall this quad is just ok in quality and it is not a good value for this price point.  The Milani 6-pan eyeshadow palettes (swatches here) which are also priced at $8.97 on Walmart's website, include twice the amount of product.  If you spend $1 more you can get one of the Covergirl Trunaked 8-pan palettes (swatches here) which also contain twice the amount of product.  If you want to spend less, the Walmart exclusive Wet n Wild 10-pan palettes (swatches here) are $5.62 and have 8.1g of product compared to L'oreal's 3.0g of product.  Don't get me wrong, price per amount of product isn't always something to consider.  However, in this instance I think you can get better for your money in both amount of product and quality.  Even L'oreal's own La Palette Nude 1 (swatches here) and Nude 2 (swatches here) although more expensive, are a much better value for your money.  L'oreal is typically priced higher than the other drugtore brands, and I usually agree with their price point for the quality, but this was a miss for me.

Have you tried out any of the quads from L'oreal?  What are your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments section.

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