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Fiona Stiles Luminous Foundation and Loose Powder Sneak Peek

I thought I'd share swatches of these products in case anyone was curious.  My thoughts right now are just initial impressions, I haven't put these products to the good use just yet.

Fiona Stiles will be featured on QVC tonight (September 30, 2016) @ 9PM EST.  You can buy these products now on QVC.com but keep in mind that they do come with brushes so they are priced higher than at Ulta.  At Ulta the foundation is $30.00 and the powder is $26.00.

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Fiona Stiles luminous foundation 09 tawny and powder miramar (09-10)
You can click on the image for a closer look.

I think they look very natural on the skin and does have a luminous finish.  I have worn this for a 9 hour day and was really impressed with how it looked throughout the day.  I did blot my face though, and my skin is on the dry side and more normal with the current weather, so that could be a bad sign for combo to oily skin types.  I like the setting powder, I don't find it to be messy and I like that it didn't take away the luminous finish of the foundation.  I don't think this gives the full coverage it claims.  I do think it is buildable to a medium coverage, but that took me 4 pumps of foundation.  I shouldn't have to use that much foundation to reach a medium coverage if you claim it is buildable to full.  And I'm definitely not going to continue using 4 pumps of foundation.  If you don't have alot of dark marks or redness, I think two pumps will get you to a medium coverage, but I just don't think its buildable to full.  I don't mind the coverage I get from 2 pumps, but I would characterize it as a light coverage at that point.  If you have flawless skin, then maybe you can build this to full.  But if you have flawless skin, I doubt you're buying foundation.

UPDATE (January 27, 2017):  After playing around with different application methods, this foundation has really grown on me.  I would say it is a solid medium coverage foundation.  I'd suggest applying this with a brush that you know doesn't soak up too much product.  I get the best coverage when I apply this to my face with my fingers first, and then go in with a brush for blending.  If you are into color correcting or you don't have much to cover, I think you'd be able to build this to a full coverage.  But it does seem that it depends on what you use for application, how much coverage you are going to experience.  After watching the QVC presentation of Fiona Stiles using a flat type of foundation brush, I decided to alter my application.  Definitely paid off to see how she used the foundation.  I am really excited to try more products from her line.

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