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L'oreal True Match Foundation Review

L'oreal True Match Foundation Review C7 Nut brownThis foundation is one of the drugstore products that has been around for a long time.  I had been very curious about it, and so over time I tried 4 different shades in this formula.  I felt I could never fully test it out until I found a shade I was comfortable being seen in.  I started with N8 Cappuccino which I found to be too dark, the undertone on C6 Soft Sable was too red, and C7 Nut Brown was too orange.  Finally I tried W8, which I always thought would be too light, and it ended up being my closest match.  Unfortunately, the only swatch I have to share with you is for C7 Nut Brown.

When researching this foundation, I found that people either love it or hate it.  I didn't see many middle of the road reviews.  This made me feel the need to try it for myself even more.  After testing this product, I feel like it is a good foundation overall and a great starting point for beginners.  L'oreal True Match has the most extensive shade range at the drugstore and was designed with all skin types in mind.  However, this foundation did not end up getting along with my dry, sensitive skin.  I do get oily in the t-zone at times, but I found true match to be too matte for my liking.  The natural finish of this foundation looked beautiful on the skin, but after about 30 minutes my cheek area starts to become tight and uncomfortable.  Although extra moisturizer helped with the dryness, eventually I discovered that the foundation was causing a skin irritation.  While I do think this is a nice foundation, it did not agree with my skin type.  

The only place I've seen the entire shade range is Amazon, but it is an add on item and the price for each shade varies.  You can also find this product at any drugstore, just keep in mind the shade range will likely be limited.

What has your experience with L'oreal True Match been?  Share with us in the comments below.

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