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Milani Color Statement Lipstick Review and Swatches

Milani lipstick swatches on dark skin (woc)
Now I know there is nothing new about Milani Color Statement Lipsticks, and I realize that I am late to the game.  However after finally getting around to trying this line,  I wanted to share my thoughts.  First I'll say that like a few reviews that I've seen, I am in the minority of people who do not like the smell of these lipsticks.  But if you can stand the smell, the rest of the product really performs quite well.  At $5.99 they are an affordable drugstore option that really delivers on both color and staying power.  The colors that I decided to try out were 17 Plumrose, 25 Naturally Chic, 29 Teddy Bare, and 42 Rose Femme.  When I first tried these out, I felt that they were on the dry side and tugged at my lips during application.  I do tend to have drier lips, so that could have been the problem.  Recently I have found that if I used Smith's Strawberry Lip balm up until I apply the lipstick, it really helps prevent any tugging.  If you do not have issues with dry lips or you tend to use matte lipsticks (which have drier textures) you may not notice any tugging and you may have no need for a lip balm under it.

The color payoff of the four colors I tried was excellent.  I found that the color from the bullet looked the same once it was on my lips.  As for the smell, it does go away some once you've applied it, but not completely.  I should note that I am very sensitive to scent and so this could be the issue for me and you may hardly notice the scent.  These lipsticks are a great deal and the color range really has something for everyone.  I've added some lip swatches for those that find that more helpful.

Milani lipstick lip swatches on dark skin (woc)

What are your thoughts on the smell of these lipsticks?  Have you tried the new matte line they recently released?  Let me know in the comments below.

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