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The Beauty Blender vs The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Are these products really the same?  I say no.

The Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Beauty Blender dupe
Before Use

In a rush and just want my bottom line?  Here it is:
If you are a beginner at makeup or never used this type of sponge before, then I'd get The Real Techniques Sponge ($6.00).
If you have used The Original Beauty Blender ($20.00) and the price of it doesn't bother you, then stick with it.
If you have used The Original Beauty Blender and the price bothers you every time you need a new one, then get the Real Techniques Sponge.
If you are slow to clean your makeup tools and mostly do spot cleaning of your brushes for a while, then skip both.

Let me start by saying that I think the end result is the same regardless of which of these sponges you use.  I found the finish they both gave to be quite similar, and if I hadn't used them side by side analyzing along the way, I may not have noticed much difference.  I tested these with the Makeup Forever HD Foundation.

Real Techniques Cons:
  • Harder, denser
  • Hard to squeeze water and soapy water out of it
  • Soaks up some product
  • Stained after just one use, and I washed it right after using.
Beauty Blender Cons:
  • Soaks up some product
  • Takes longer to reach full size when wetting it
  •  Price

The Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Beauty blender dupeOverall, the Real Techniques sponge does soak up more product and I found that because of this the Beauty Blender gives a slightly better level of coverage.  After I applied the foundation, I cleaned both sponges with the same soap I normally use and cleaned them inside of bowls so I could see how much pigment came out of each one (this is how I determined how much product they soaked up comparatively).

While cleaning I felt like the Real techniques sponge wasn't quite as sturdy as the Beauty Blender, so I have a feeling it will need to be replaced more often.  Since I haven't experienced this yet, I didn't use that as a pro or con for either.  But if the Real Techniques Sponge needs to be replaced more often, then the price comparison becomes a different story.  For instance, if you have to buy one every month and the Beauty Blender lasts for 3 months, then you are talking about $17.97 for the Real Techniques Sponges vs the $19.95 for the Beauty Blender.

If you are looking for guidance on how to clean your Beauty Blender or Real Techniques sponge, Jen Reviews has a thorough guide that you can check out by clicking here

I personally know I am biased because I used the Beauty Blender first (the Beauty Blender sponge pictured is the second I've owned).  Had I not, I think the Real Techniques Sponge would have come out better in my review.  Like I mentioned in the beginning, if you are a beginner or never used the original, I think you will really enjoy the finish the Real Techniques sponge gives your makeup.  As you probably know, the inside of a sponge can be a good environment for bacteria, so cleaning either sponge after every use is ideal if you have either sensitive skin or acne prone skin, but atleast clean it once a week if you can't do that.  This is a big reason why I think you should skip both if you don't have time to clean it after each use or just don't want to.

Update: March 27, 2018
I still prefer Beauty Blender Pro to the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge.  You can get the same 3-month life out of the Real Techniques sponge, so in my opinion, the price savings is definitely there.  However, I did experience some slight tearing with Real Techniques that I do not experience with the Beauty Blender.  The Beauty Blender can become stained just like the Real Techniques sponge so I don't find that to be very different after all this time.  I think the staining has more to do with the foundation formula than the sponges.  For instance, it is harder to remove Estee Lauder Double Wear (medium buildable coverage, long wearing, transfer resistant) than Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue (light coverage, bb cream).  Over the years I've tried 3 Real Techniques sponges and the rest of the time I've used the Beauty Blender Pro and my experience has been the same with all of them.  

Do you have a preference when it comes to these makeup sponges?  Let me know in the comments below.

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