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Pond's Clarant B3 & Crema S Review

Overall the problem with these two moisturizers is the fragrance. My eyes start watering as soon as I put them on. I wish Pond’s would make some fragrance free versions of their products.

Pond's Clarant B3 Normal to dry skin
Pond’s Clarant B3 for normal to dry skin, $8.97 @ walmart.com

This is supposed to be for normal to dry skin and I’d agree with that. It has a not too thick and not too think consistency. I thought it could be a decent daytime option for me, but like I mentioned it made my eyes water. You can tell just by smelling it that the fragrance is strong, but I wanted to give it a try because I’ve been on the hunt for a dark spot corrector. The search continues.

Pond's Crema S dry to very dry skin
Pond’s Crema S for dry to very dry skin, $8.47 @ walmart.com

This has a good level of hydration and has a milder fragrance than the Clarant B3 in my opinion. Sometimes when I try something that is supposed to be for very dry skin I have to shake my head at how thin it is. Typically I’ll use something for “dry” skin and need to put more on in about 30 minutes. But I really liked the amount of moisture and thickness this had to it, without being too heavy.

Are there any fragrance free dark spot correctors you would recommend?

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