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Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation Review

If you have dry skin like I do, you try to stick to foundations that give you a dewy finish. The way they are made is more suitable for dry skin. However that isn’t to say that normal, combination, or oily skin people can’t use foundation that leaves a dewy finish. The dewy finish just tends not to dry the skin out as much and is also less likely to cling to any dry patches. The main reason I tried this foundation was because of the color selection. I went to Sephora and tried out their Color IQ system and was matched to very few foundations. My Color IQ number is 3Y12 and the color that corresponds to that number in the Lancome foundation is 450 Suede (c).  I personally think this color looks like it has a yellow undertone, so I can't really explain why it is under the cool undertone category.

Lancome claims that this is a “Lit from within makeup” and I have to agree on that. I’ll let you be the judge of how it looks.

lancome teint miracle foundation 450 Suede C

I found this to be a great color match, so I was pleased with the functionality of Sephora’s Color IQ system. When I first swatched this foundation the color didn’t match but I noticed the box warns you that the “color may appear lighter at first, but blends beautifully into your natural skin tone.” I really feel like this was true, I even felt like on darker areas of my face the foundation looked darker. It is very interesting.

In the summer this foundation works great for me. I mostly skip setting powder except for the summer when my forehead gets a little oily. However I found myself needing to powder my entire face with this foundation during the summer. The setting powder didn’t take away from the luminous look of it, which was nice. Based on needing to set this during the summer season I assumed this would be my perfect winter foundation. But when the cold weather hit I found that it looked somewhat decent from far away but up close it really drew attention to my dry patches. Go figure.

Overall, this is a beautiful foundation and I felt that it wore well throughout the day. I’d say 6 or 7 hours max, since I don’t ever wear foundation ALL day. It of course could last longer, I just can’t speak to that. It has an SPF 15 in it, but if you are looking for sun protection of course wear sunscreen under it since you can’t put on enough foundation to fully protect your skin. Lastly, if you are in the military or a dependent you can pick this up at your local AAFES, like I did, for $39.95. Most AAFES stores also have testers so you can see the colors first.  Otherwise, this is $47 @ Lancome & Sephora, and comes in 27 shades (not all shades available at Sephora).

What is your favorite foundation and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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